About Us

Engineering Review, first published in October 1975, is Pakistan’s foremost newspaper covering – through reports and articles – events and subjects that are of professional and commercial interest to engineers in government offices, consulting firms, contractors, industry and academia. Subjects of interest for architects and town planners too are covered.

Engineering Review has to its credit some reports which gave the leading national dailies much food to chew and do follow up reports.

It enjoys the full confidence of its readers and those who place their advertisements. It is not for nothing that ER is amongst those publications of Pakistan which pull the most adverts – all from very satisfied customers, business houses and industry, because it serves their needs better than any competitor and invariably more cost effectively than any daily paper.

It has a print order of 5,000 copies every fortnight. Each issue is read by over three persons per copy generating a readership of over 15,000. Its high quality of reporting and editing makes the readers’ task easy.

Engineering Review was founded by Najam ul Hasan. Previously he had worked for the daily Sun, Karachi, daily Jasarat, Karachi and fortnightly Medical News Karachi.
The founding editor was Raza Khatak, a professional journalist. He left in early 1977 and the job was taken up by Riaz ul Hasan, another professional journalist. The two Hasans are real brothers and enjoy good respect amongst their peers for professional integrity and doing things correctly. The staff – editorial, marketing and administrative sections – comprises mostly of young men.

ER has developed a very realistic advertisement tariff for the adverts carried by it. Clients are offered several discount packages for advertising regularly. These discounts are availed very well.

It carries pages after pages of semi-classified ad sections booked under yearly or half yearly packages. The various sections are named: Bijli Ghar, for advertisements of power related goods, Automation Park for controls and Plumbing Center for pipes and other items needed in plumbing assignments. Engineering Bazar – the mother of all small ads – has been a trendsetter in a large segment of the newspaper industry.

Engineering Review also devotes a page to carrying names and addresses of consulting firms. All this information is placed in pages titled Professionals’ Club.

Engineering Review supplements are regularly published on selected topics and event. Some of these have been record on all Pakistan and industry wide basis. These supplements serve as an additional source of information for our readers.

Who reads Engineering Review and why
It is essential reading for professionals in engineering sector. It covers and addresses issues and news that are of interest to engineers, working for government, consultants, contractors, planners, architects, industry and other players in the development sector.
Because of professional assignments, all ER readers are decision makers/ opinion leaders. More than two thirds of them are owners/ senior executives / directors/ general managers in their organisations.

Our biggest ever supplement was on WAPDA’s Silver Jubilee. Produced in November 1984. The supplement titled ‘50 Years of Engineering in Pakistan’ was timed to coincide with Pakistan’s Golden Jubilee in August 1997. Only Dawn, Karachi’s Independence Day Number, beat us in terms of pages and number of adverts pulled.